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  • Scientists refer to the gut as the body's second brain and it significantly determines one's overall health and longevity.
  • The imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines can be a big player in many diseases, including obesity.
  • A healthy diet and the quality fermented ingredients in the Almased meal replacement can help with weight loss and improved gut health.

Girl holding paper bag full of produce

We’re inclined to think the cost of eating healthy foods is way over the price cliff. And, since food may be the most controllable expense in our budget, we buy as cheaply as we can and waste as little as possible.

But the devil is in the details and on the tip of your taste buds, too. We want to enjoy our food, and these helpful hints can show you how to eat healthy on a tight budget and love every bite of it, too!

Jumping over mountain

Sure, talking about death is an awkward and morbid topic, but what we don’t realize is that every day we are engaging in unhealthy habits that increase our chances of being closer to death. Yet, we choose to ignore our consequential actions until one day we find ourselves suffering from illnesses that we could have prevented a long time ago.

Another dilemma is that with the advancement of modern technology and medicine, Americans are now capable of living longer. So, we start to believe that we are “invincible.”  However, in many cases, the science for many breakthrough therapies, such as cryotherapy, stem cell, gene therapies remains unproven, or there is not enough scientific evidence to support the notion that they could extend lives. The answer to living longer always falls back to what our grandmothers did generations ago, and that was: eat healthily, exercise regularly, and sleep well every day.

If over the years you have taken a detour from a healthy lifestyle, Almased has a diet hack that can help you cheat death by putting you back on the right path to living longer and healthier.

soy shake meal replacement


• There are many good reasons to fast and many fasting plans to choose from. Which is right for you?

• The daunting thought of unrelenting hunger is one reason some people are reluctant to try fasting.

• The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon offers a limited fast for rapid yet safe weight loss and weight management that keeps you full for hours, supports metabolism and maintains healthy blood sugar and energy levels.

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• Most of us are looking for more get-up-and-go. We grab a nearby energy drink, pop in at the nearest Starbucks, or score a ginseng tonic at the health store. Whatever it takes to keep going!

• There are many natural ways to revitalize. Look to Almased for full-bodied nutrition to jazz up your energy stores as well as assist in weight loss, if needed.

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